Empowering Budding Dreams

BSC or Polygon?

Collect & Earn!

Starting from December 2021, Badass Queens holders will be eligible to enter lotteries that pay either BNB, Matic, or a pair of Strainz NFT plants to start breeding and earning passive income.
Holders on the Polygon network can win Matic, BSC for BNB, and what is Strainz?


Embrace Your Stories

  • Follow Your Soul
“She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her.”

To the girl wiping away the tears and making it through the day, you got this.

  • Queens Lift Each Other Up

Fix Each Other’s Crowns

To the women striving for new heights, here’s to you making a difference in the world. “In every woman there is a Queen, speak to the Queen and she will answer.”

  • Soar to New Heights​

Extraordinary Graceful Queen

“I’m just an average person, and I made my dreams come true. If I can do it, so can you!”

  • Always Remember

Darling, You Are

Perfectly imperfect.


What We’d Like to Accomplish

Our goal is to find those who want their voices heard and empower them to strive for new heights. #QueensInvestInQueens


Showcase Your Stories

NFTs are new, trendy, and here to stay. But what if you could show them off in other ways? Say…on your wrist, or gift a necklace to your bestie and let her know #QueensLiftEachOtherUp!

Our sister partners Ellie Badass will be offering giveaways to Badass Queen holders! Ready to see your queens on personalized jewelry?


We’d Love to Hear from You

We’ve included a quick FAQ, but feel free to reach out to us any time! We’re part of the CareBuds family.

There’s a funny story about out our minting contract…it stops once token #419 has been been minted. We had this grand idea of wanting to give more than we sell…

CareBuds Finance was started after 420 Token’s accidental creation. The owner of CareBuds calls himself Chief of Crayons. From degen plays to accidentally becoming a developer himself, he thought, “Why not try to use crypto to change the world?”

Why not? There’s a quote found somewhere out there, “Never above you or below you. Always beside you.”

We believe in honoring our queens.

All you have to do is be a holder of a Badass Queen NFT! We will host BNB/MATIC lotteries starting in December.

In November, we’ll be hosting weekly lotteries for lucky Badass Queens that are wearing Strainz shirts or have cannabis pipes to win a pair of Strainz yield bearing NFT plants. The winners can breed them and earn passive income.

Check out our docs for more info.

CareBuds Finance provides a 10% discount to anyone who uses 420 Token/Buds as payments for Badass Queens NFTs.

Check out our docs for more info.